FDA Compliant Food Grade, Food Process, Corrosion Resistant Linear Bearings,
Linear Shafting & Slides from LM76

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Ceramic Speed FDA/Washdown, Corrosion
Resistant  Bearing Units
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LM76 specializes in the design of FDA/USDA/3A Dairy Caustic Washdown Compliant linear bearings, shafting and slides.
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Bio/Pharma
  • Medical
FDA/USDA/3A Dairy, Caustic Washdown Ceramic Bearing Catalogs
ZrO2 Ceramic Bearings
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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearings
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Hybrid/Ceramic Bearings
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Bagging System Case Study
Ceramic Balls Increase Life x 4x's
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For FDA/Caustic Washdown Linear
Bearing Applications
 300 Series Stainless/PTFE Self-Lube
Linear Bearings 
USP Class 6
Closed and Open FDA NP Pillow Block/Bearing Assemblies        Ceramic Coated Shell with Self-Lube FDA PTFE
        Liner1/3 the weight of stainless 
USP Class 6
Fluidline FDA Linear Bearings - Closed Only FDA Stainless/PTFE, Self-Lube Linear Bearings    FDA Slide Rail with WD Block and
   Ceramic Coated Rail
NP FDA Linear Pillow Blocks and All
Stainless Linear Bearings
NP FDA Pillow Blocks/All Stainless Linear Ball
Bearings with ETX Scraper Seal Cartidges
 Special Designs
440c Stainless - 304 - 316 Series Stainless Linear Shafting Supported Linear Shaft Assemblies - 440c - 300 Stainless      Machined-to-Print Linear Shafting
Special Shaft Designs and Coatings All Stainless Seal 6 Slide WD Water Dog FDA/Self-Lubricating Slider
Blocks & 300 Series Stainless Rail